Painter personal protection


Comfortable protection for a range of painting applications


Workers who apply paint need dependable protection against dust, sprays and light liquid splashes. But they also need garments that can stand up to bending, crouching and scuffs from rough surfaces like metal, concrete and wood.

DuPont™ Tyvek® coveralls offer wearers a high degree of protection against airborne particles and non-hazardous liquids. Plus, Tyvek® is highly resistant to abrasion, and its low-linting surface is less likely to affect the final product.


Tyvek® for automotive painting 

With a protective barrier built into the material, Tyvek® coveralls provide efficient, high-performance protection. Tyvek® has an ultra-smooth surface that repels low concentrated inorganic liquids and aerosols and prevents solid particles from adhering. 


Tyvek® for industrial painting

Tyvek® provides lightweight, soft and breathable coveralls that offer superior protection against a range of water-based chemicals, keeping workers safe and comfortable on the job.