Cyrel® Round Equipment

Cyrel® Round Equipment for High-Quality Flexo Sleeves

Cyrel® Round equipment for flexo sleeve making has helped create a revolution in packaging graphics, giving printers and printer converters the benefits of flexo printing with the precision and reliability of gravure.

Easy-to-use Cyrel® Round equipment, when used with the family of ready-to-image Cyrel® Round flexo sleeves, provides a complete digital sleeve production solution.

Available for dry thermal or solvent workflows, Cyrel® Round equipment delivers a continuous print flexo sleeve that is optimized for precision printing and improved productivity.

Cyrel® FAST Round Equipment

The Cyrel® FAST Round System is the only flexo sleeve-making system that uses dry thermal technology to process high-quality photopolymer sleeves, thus eliminating all solvents and aqueous solutions from the plate room.

With Cyrel® FAST Round equipment, four seamless photopolymer sleeves can be produced in less than one hour.

Optimized installations require only four components:

  • Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI)
  • Cyrel® FAST Round exposure unit
  • Cyrel® FAST Round solvent-free thermal processor
  • Cyrel® FAST Round light finisher

Cyrel® Solvent Round Equipment

The Cyrel® Solvent Round System uses an easy five-step process to produce a continuous flexo print form that delivers highly precise registration for eye-catching print quality.

Installations require:

  • Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI)
  • Cyrel® Solvent Round exposure unit
  • Cyrel® Solvent Round inline processor, dryer, light finisher

Ongoing Technical Support

Cyrel® Round equipment is backed by one of the largest technical support organizations in the industry. Our team of experts is available to provide you with the support you need—before, during and after installation.

From our comprehensive Cyrel® Round equipment service to our on-request and custom-designed Cyrel® training programs, you can count on us to help you achieve peak performance with your Cyrel® Round equipment.






Cyrel® Round EX 1450

FAST thermal sleeve exposure device

Cyrel® Round FR 1450

FAST thermal sleeve processor

Cyrel® Round LF 1450

FAST thermal sleeve light finisher