Folding Carton Market Solutions

Highest Resolution Plates for Folding Carton Market

When it comes to serving the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, folding carton printers must deliver the highest quality possible. DuPont™ Cyrel® flexo plates can help you meet those high standards.

High-value folding carton packaging for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food requires sharp type and linework; smooth and accurate skin tones; and consistent color reproduction.

These requirements can be easily met with Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates—the highest resolution plates for the folding carton market. With Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates, you can deliver the high quality your folding carton customers demand, while meeting your productivity and sustainability goals.

Cyrel® Flexo Plates to Meet Your Needs

You can choose from a full range of digital and analog Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates to meet your specific workflow and folding carton printing needs.

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