Flat Top Dot Workflow Solutions

Cyrel® Flat Top Dot Workflows Are Simple, Cost Effective and Sustainable

Flat top dot workflows optimize the benefits associated with solid screening programs such as HD Flexo Microcell, while also producing a flat-topped/hybrid dot for printers who prefer an alternate dot profile.

In theory, the structure of a flat top dot distributes the load factor on press, resulting in lower plate wear rates. The controlled atmosphere used to create the flat top dot during the main exposure of a plate also produces an exact 1:1 reproduction of image elements for improved solid ink density.

DuPont has developed two flat top dot workflow solutions to help you achieve exceptional print quality.

Cyrel® DigiFlow

Cyrel® DigiFlow expands the capabilities of digital Cyrel® and digital Cyrel® FAST to deliver superior print quality and productivity.

Cyrel® DigiCorr

Cyrel® DigiCorr minimizes “fluting” on even the most challenging types of corrugated boards and increases print quality dramatically.



Cyrel® DigiFlow for Flat Top Dots
Cyrel® DigiCorr for Corrugated
VIDEO: DuPont™ Cyrel® DigiFlow Digital Workflow Enhancement
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Uses and Applications

Tag & Label Market Solutions

Solution for tag & label market enable very fast processing, cost savings and sustainability while delivering high-quality results.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Cyrel® flexible packaging conventional and digital flexo plates for solvent, flat top dot and thermal workflows

cat cyrel dlc
Corrugated Market Solutions

When it comes to corrugated market solutions, DuPont has set the standard for quality and productivity.

Folding Carton Market Solutions

Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates, deliver the high quality your folding carton customers demand

Beverage Carton Market Solutions

High-quality, long-running DuPont™ Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates are ideal for beverage carton printing.


Life Cycle Assessment

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Printing Sustainability

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Case Studies

Lorytex in Uruguay Achieves Trusted Relationship with DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY Since the First Run
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Hub Labels – Moving From Good to Great with DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST Easy Plates
150th Cyrel® DigiFlow Flexographic System Installed at Sonoco Trident