Cyrel® DLC

Cyrel® DLC for Corrugated Printing

The newest addition to the award-winning DuPont™ Cyrel® family of flexographic plates is Cyrel® DLC, an innovative soft digital plate that uses a new polymer formulation especially designed for the corrugated market, allowing it to perform exceptionally with water-based inks on lower quality recycled and thinner liner board.

Better on recycled board

There is a new challenge for corrugated printers:  box manufacturers are striving to down-gauge corrugated boards and use lower quality recycled paper, but do not want to compromise box strength. The DuPont™ Cyrel® DLC plate allows printers to overcome this challenge, transferring as much ink as possible onto uneven substrates to cover large solid areas without jeopardizing board strength or integrity.

Improved solid ink coverage
Printing uniformly across the width of the press without excessive over-impression was difficult since corrugated board is non-uniform and the plates are thick. The polymer used with the Cyrel® DLC plate is specially formulated to transfer as much ink as possible with minimal impression for amazing solids.

Less dot gain and fluting
Traditional harder durometer plates require more impression to get the ink into corrugated flute valleys, causing excessive dot gain. The softer durometer plate allows for much cleaner barcodes, positive type and reverse areas. You can see the difference immediately.

Increased press impression latitude
While the Cyrel® DLC plate operates efficiently with less impression, it also allows for press operators to over-impress the plate to the board stock to transfer ink into the flute valleys of uneven substrates while still delivering incredible registration between colors.

Virtually no board crush
Delivering the ink from the plate to the substrate in a way that provides excellent solid ink coverage while not weakening the board with over-impression is a challenge - but now achievable with the Cyrel ®DLC plate.  ECT values (Edge Crush Test) are kept virtually unchanged after printing.

We’re confident the DuPont™ Cyrel® DLC plate will outperform other soft plates and allow you to print better on corrugated. Give us a call and try it today.



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