Cyrel® DPL is a medium durometer high resolution digital plate with good latitude and on-press performance. DPL continues the Cyrel® tradition of wide latitude and long run length, while bringing the productive and economic benefits inherent in a fully digital platemaking workflow.

Cyrel® DPL is fully compatible with the Cyrel® DigiFlow workflow when a flat top dot structure is preferred. Cyrel® DigiFlow is designed to optimize the benefits of solid screening programs such as Esko HD Flexo and Pixel+, resulting in higher solid ink density, smoother ink laydown and an overall improvement in print contrast.



  • Flexible Packaging
  • Tag & Label
  • Folding Carton
  • Pre-print liner
  • Beverage cartons
  • Coated & uncoated paper

Product Features

  • Ease of Use: Consistent manufacturing quality, wide exposure and processing latitude
  • DuPont LAMs layer: Consistent laser imaging batch to batch
  • High Resolution: Outstanding detail and minimum dot size of a digital plate
  • Uniform Ink Laydown Clean printing, good solids, less mottle
  • Robust: Long run length
  • Single press profile works for DPL and DFM