Chassis suspension Systems

Automotive Chassis Suspension Systems

Proven performance and durability, excellent resistance to flex fatigue and broad temperature use make DuPont™ Hytrel® thermoplastic elastomer the ideal material for flexible boots, bushings and bumpers in chassis suspension components.

DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC-ET for Strength and Flexibility Hytrel® TPC-ET is the industry standard for its excellent balance of grease resistance and high temperature durability, with 25 years of proven performance. It features the flexibility of rubber, the strength of plastic and the productive processibility of a thermoplastic material. New product grades have been optimized for higher temperature resistance, better abrasion resistance and increased flex fatigue resistance. Hytrel® enhances product performance, increases product life and reduces weight and cost.

CVJ Boots                                  

Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ) are critical components of modern drive shafts and axles. They are close tolerance lubricated mechanical joints that deliver the torque and power that drive the wheels of the vehicle through a full range of motion and deflection.  The CVJ boot is a protective covering for these critical joints that endures an average of 150,000 miles of constant pounding, flexing and thermal cycling. Hytrel® provides the ideal balance of high temperature durability, low temperature flexibility and grease resistance needed for inboard and outboard CVJ boots, as well as prop shaft  and rear-wheel-drive boots.

Hytrel® is the preferred material because it is thinner and more durable than many rubber materials, and it has a more optimal combination of flexibility and stiffness than co-polyesters. In addition, the fatigue resistance and design flexibility of Hytrel® allows CVJ boots to be designed in smaller sizes, reducing the amount of greases and the total cost of the CVJ system.

Jounce Bumpers

Jounce bumpers are part of the suspension system, usually integrated in the shock absorber and struts, that are designed to help manage vehicle suspension motion, which is critical to  handling dynamics, absorbing impact and dampen noise, vibration and harness (NVH). Using new Hytrel® design and processing features, DuPont™ crafted an innovative automotive jounce bumper. Capitalizing on the flexibility attributes of Hytrel® and blow-molding technology, the new design condensed the standard four-piece component into a single piece, which significantly reduced the size and cost, all while improving performance. It has been tested on a variety of vehicles over tens of thousands of kilometers, with stellar results, including higher comfort and better road handling compared to parts made out of polyurethane materials.