Zytel® PLUS nylon

Zytel® PLUS

Zytel® PLUS provides superior temperature and chemical resistance for demanding automotive engine, drive train and cooling uses.

DuPontTM Zytel® PLUS is a high temperature plastic that  stands up to hot air, hot oil and hot water. It combines superior performance and great surface appearance with the high flow and ease of processability that nylon is known for.

DuPont SHIELD Technology

Zytel® PLUS nylon is a high temperature plastic choice that integrates SHIELD Technology, available only from DuPont. SHIELD Technology combines several innovations, including a new polymer backbone, polymer modifications, and a special set of additives to enhance many performance characteristics.

Zytel® PLUS Key Attributes:

  •  Lasts two to three times longer than other nylons when exposed to aggressive chemicals.
  • Withstands 4,000 hours of exposure to hot air.
  •  Resists more than 3,000 hours exposure to hot oil.
  • Withstands more than 3,000 hours exposure to hot automotive coolant.
  • Retains the majority of its weld strength after 1000 hours at 210 degrees C, while traditional materials have dropped to almost zero.
  • Excellent surface appearance.