Hytrel® RS renewably sourced thermoplastic polyester elastomer

Raising the Performance Bar for Biobased Polymers

Hytrel® RS provides comparable performance to standard grades of Hytrel®, and contains 20% to 60% renewably sourced materials.

DuPontTM Hytrel® RS biobased polymers are engineered to reduce use of fossil fuels without reducing performance.

The Hytrel® portfolio offers unique hybrid thermoplastic elastomers, combining the flexibility of rubber, the strength of rigid plastic and ease of processing.  Hytrel® RS provides comparable performance to standard Hytrel® grades, with a more sustainable profile.

Replacing Petrochemicals With Non-Food Bio-Mass

Hytrel® RS contains between 20% and 60% renewably sourced polyether glycol derived from non-food biomass. This polyether glycol replaces petrochemical-based polyether glycol in the soft (amorphous) segments of standard Hytrel®.

For parts that need to bend, flex, twist or turn, Hytrel® RS provides outstanding fatigue resistance, performs in a wide range of temperatures, and resists tearing and abrasion. Similar to standard Hytrel® grades, Hytrel® RS biobased polymers are an excellent choice for demanding applications, from automotive air ducts and air bags to furniture, sporting goods, and filaments.