High-Purity Unit Dose Packaging for Respiratory Medications

DuPont is a stable, dependable source of supply for several major pharmaceutical companies that produce convenient, reliable unit dose packaging of medications for people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Used in unit dose vials, DuPont™ 20 Series LDPE resins provide tested and proven purity and consistency in blow-fill-seal medical packaging applications.

The Challenge

Unit dose vials are often used to hold medications that used with nebulizers and other devices to treat respiratory disease symptoms, and may be used several times a day. This means they must be supplied to pharmaceutical manufacturers in large quantities, yet each individual vial must meet exacting quality and safety standards.

Supply must be reliable to keep delivery of essential medication to patients running smoothly. At the same time, rigorous analytical and technical support is required to document both FDA and industry compliance. It’s a complex task, combining precision manufacturing with a high degree of regulation.

The Solution

DuPont has been supporting major pharmaceutical companies since the early 1970’s by providing consistent and reliable materials that are turned into unit dose packaging for asthma and COPD medication.

According to Diane Hahm, DuPont technical consultant, “DuPont understands the importance of safety and reliability in these very sensitive applications.Enabling a safe, consistent supply of life-saving medication supports our commitment to the global challenge of protecting what matters most

Today, several pharmaceutical companies are using DuPont™ 20 Series Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) for packaging their brands of unit dose inhalation drugs.  DuPont™ 20 Series LDPE has high purity with extremely low volatiles and extractables – key properties for this application.

DuPont draws on 40 years of experience, applying material science and application expertise to pharmaceutical packaging to ensure a reliable supply. In addition, DuPont™ 20 Series polyethylene resins are listed in FDA Drug Master Files and compliant with industry standards as well as global regulations.

“The pharmaceutical industry is very resistant to change due to regulations, ” Hahm goes on to say.  “One of the best things about the DuPont™ 20 Series LDPE resin is that it is the same as it was when it was initially used back in 1973.  It was the first resin used in the B-F-S process and continues to be the premier choice today for quality and reliability of supply.”

Key Advantages

Advantages provided by DuPont™ 20 Series LDPE resins for unit dose packaging include:

  • Purity: Extremely low volatiles and extractables
  • Durability: Superior resistance to environmental-stress cracking
  • Consistency: Excellent analytical and technical support
  • Reliability: Proven DuPont history of delivering medical packaging solutions
  • Listed in FDA Drug Master Files
  • Compliant with industry standards and global regulations

By supplying pharmaceutical companies, DuPont is helping to create safe, reliable drug administration methods. Together, we are making life simpler and less stressful for people with a range of respiratory diseases.