Racing protection


Nomex® delivers high-performing protection when every second counts.


Racing suits and apparel made of Nomex® fiber help play a pivotal role in providing the valuable seconds racing professionals need to escape fires that result from both on-track collisions and pit accidents. And this protection is long-lasting. Whether it is found in protective suits, underwear, socks, or gloves, the exceptional flame-resistance provided by Nomex® fiber cannot be washed out or worn away.

When they’re speeding around the track at 200 MPH, the last thing racing professionals want to think about is the effectiveness of their flame-resistant protection. They just want to know that it will keep them safe from harm in case an accident happens. That’s why 95 % of racers around the world wear suits and apparel made of Nomex®. 

When protective apparel is tested on Thermo-Man®, all systems are go

Thermo-Man® is one of the most advanced test methods for evaluating burn injury potential and measuring protective apparel performance. This scientific evaluation system for thermal burn injury is a six-foot, one-inch-tall manikin equipped with 122 heat sensors. Thermo-Man® can be exposed to various fire hazards through controlled burns to test burn protection properties of garment constructions, fabric weights, material types, and garment design styles. Results predict the amount, degree, and location of burn injuries that would be sustained by the wearer in a flash fire. DuPont scientists use this information to help apparel manufacturers develop optimum designs in lightweight, flame-resistant suits that equip drivers, pit crews, rescue teams, and track officials that are comfortable and provide ideal thermal protection.

Racing suits are just part of these professionals’ protection. One of the most effective ways they enhance their safety on the track is to increase the number of layers they wear. Because it provides thorough body coverage from neck to wrists to ankles, long johns of Nomex® fiber form one of several layers driver and pit crews put on before race time.

CNN profiles Formula 1 racing suit made with Nomex®


When CNN requested to profile the performance of a Formula 1 racing suit made with Nomex®, the results were very impressive.

When CNN requested to profile the performance of a Formula 1 racing suit made with Nomex®, the results were very impressive.


DuPont + Shell Eco-Marathon 2022-2023

DuPont is teaming up with Shell to sponsor the 2022-2023 Shell Eco-marathon, one of the world’s leading student engineering competitions focused on building and driving energy-efficient vehicles. DuPont will be supporting the events by supplying PPE kits to competing teams and providing education and consultation on health and safety compliance during the competitions.

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