Flex-Punkt Winning Over New Customers in the Flexography Market with DuPont™ Cyrel® Round Technology

Case Study
Case Study
DuPont™ Cyrel® Round Technology | Flex-Punkt Winning Over New Customers in the Flexography Market

Flex-Punkt Druckformen GmbH, Steinhagen-Brockhagen, Germany

Trailblazing in flexographic printing applications: CEO s Andreas Kotthaus and Günther Weber (from right to left)

Andreas Kotthaus and Günther Weber founded Flex-Punkt in 1994 that specialized in the manufacture of analogue flexographic printing plates. As Günther Weber recalls “In the beginning we basically worked on overnight ‘snapshot’ jobs for well-established companies. Then in 1995 we brought a ground-breaking idea to the market. We combined flat printing plates with sleeves which we mounted on site to ensure a more precisely registered job was delivered directly to the printing machine.

The customer base at the company is broad: it includes packaging printers for tobacco products, soft drinks, and personal hygiene products, manufacturers of paper bags for animal feed, and narrow web label printers. The customers are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Holland. Flex-Punkt has specialized in printing plates for flexible packaging (accounting for around 70 percent of the business), including heavy-duty shrink film for beverage packaging, high-quality printed and coated packaging film, and “sensitive” products for tissue production (e.g. napkins). 

Read Case Study to learn how DuPont™ Cyrel® Round technology helped Flex-Punkt meet their customers special printing requirements.

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