Transportation with DuPont

From land to air to sea, DuPont innovations are transforming the way we travel.

Our commitment to energy conservation has been applied to virtually every mode of transportation, including those pertaining to national transportation and military platform applications. We’ve worked tirelessly to find alternate and renewable fuel sources, resulting in advancement in biofuels, lighter composites for fuel efficiency, and a push towards better fuel cells for HEV/EV vehicles.

These innovations are helping on a national and local level. The way we patrol our streets, our waters and our borders are all made better by DuPont solutions. By working closely with industry experts, we’ve been able to help solve a variety of challenges like enhancing appearance, increasing comfort and reducing weight in planes, battleships, military and police vehicles, and more.


The road to energy efficiency is paved with DuPont innovations and collaborations. We’re helping government agencies and our automotive industry affiliates address regulations and stringent requirements for the elimination of evaporative emissions. We’re helping to improve the environment, while still improving vehicle performance. And we’re also looking ahead to help protect those who protect us—by incorporating vehicle armor to help safeguard our military men and women.  

Aerospace and Aviation

Farther, faster, longer, safer—that’s the mission behind DuPont aerospace innovations. By collaborating with industry experts, we’ve been able to help solve many challenges, including lighter airframe systems, more comfortable interiors and higher-performing engine components. 

Public Transportation

To help protect and enhance vehicle performance, commercial drivers rely on DuPont transportation paints and finishes. These products range from safety glass interliners for strong windows and windshields to hoses made with DuPont™ Kevlar® engineered elastomer for increased engine performance and lifecycle.