Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities Technology with DuPont

To ensure energy security for years to come, DuPont is collaborating with U.S. government agencies to achieve environmentally sustainable and affordable energy technologies.

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is of the utmost importance, not only for sustainability reasons, but also to ensure that our national security objectives and missions are met. DuPont is advancing tomorrow’s energy and utilities technologies, from energy storage and renewables to energy-efficiency applications and renewable products that promote business sustainability.

Clean and Renewable Energy

We’re providing a brighter future for generations to come by finding newer, cleaner renewable energy solutions.  By harnessing the power of DuPont science and experience, we can harness the power of renewable energy sources, such as the sun, wind, and even the Earth’s core. We’re already doing this through photovoltaics, wind power and geothermal technology. 


With oil supplies rapidly diminishing, the need for a renewable biofuel is greater than ever. So DuPont approached local U.S. farms and farmers, and using resources already available—like corn stover and switchgrass—began working together to solve a global problem. Through collaborations like these, we can create ethanol and other biofuels, to ease our dependence on the finite resource of fossil fuels.

Energy Storage

For over 30 years, DuPont has been at the forefront of making energy storage solutions—such as fuel cells—a reality. Our energy storage solutions are found in a variety of disciplines, including HEVs and portable fuel cells in use by soldiers out in the field. 

Energy Efficiency

DuPont is helping to ensure that energy efficiency becomes a reality, rather than just an aspiration. Our goal is to create and achieve sustainability goals by offering energy-efficient solutions.  In vehicles, we’re helping to increase fuel efficiency through the use of lighter-weight plastics. In government buildings and residences, our weatherization solutions help provide the strongest, most reliable seal against water and poor air quality.


Our mission of sustainable growth dates back over 30 years, and continues to this day.  We see sustainability as sustainable growth, and infuse a holistic approach into our business models.  Our approach includes operations consulting services that can help government organizations customize our proven sustainability.