Cyrel® Performance Plates

Cyrel® Performance Plates—Highest Quality, High Speed

When your most demanding customer insists on high resolution, high ink density and high speed, DuPont™ Cyrel® Performance Plates are your digital plate of choice.

Store Brand Coffee printed with Cyrel® Performance Plates

Cyrel® Performance Plates are a family of next-generation flexo printing plates specifically designed to provide outstanding tonal range and the highest possible solid ink density from your existing standard digital workflow.

Outstanding Shelf Impact

Cyrel® DSP and Cyrel® FAST DFP are the first two entries in this new performance plates family. They have been developed to produce outstanding shelf impact and exceptional print quality in a wide variety of flexible packaging and tag & label applications.

Highest Quality at High Speed

Cyrel® Performance Plates offer many distinct advantages including:

  • Superior solid ink density
  • Long tonal range
  • Smoother ink laydown with dramatic reduction in graininess
  • Minimal dot gain and dot size

Unique, Engineered Plate Surface

The high solid ink density and outstanding print contrast of Cyrel® Performance Plates are built into the plate itself.

With this unique, engineered plate surface, solid screening is not required and the Cyrel® Performance Plates will produce outstanding ink density in either a standard digital or flat top dot workflow.

With Cyrel® Performance Plates, flexible packaging printers and printer converters can achieve quality that is indistinguishable from gravure printing while improving sustainability and realizing significant productivity benefits, including:

  • Improved press uptime
  • Reduced start-up waste
  • Ability to shift to extended gamut printing
  • Ability to combine solids and screens on same plate
  • Reduced ink consumption

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