DuPont China Collaborates with Xinhua Group on Sustainble Printing Project for Children’s Books

DuPont China Collaborates with Xinhua Group and Other Enterprises to Promote 

Shanghai, China, 28 August 2014 - An important donation ceremony was held recently during the Shanghai International Week of Printing for what is believed to be the world’s first set of children’s books published using a more environmentally sustainable form of flexographic printing.  Wang Yanbin, Director-General of the Printing and Issue Department of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television of The People’s Republic of China, Zhou Zhong, Assistant to the Director-General, Xu Jiong, Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication, Mr. Bao, Vice-President of Xingfu Elementary School, Zhabei District, Shanghai, major publishing houses and companies, and other leaders attended the issue and donation ceremony for a set of books called, “Kaixin Baobao Zhi Ting Baba Jiang Gushi” (Happy Baby Series - Listening to Papa Telling a Story).

This set of beautiful children’s books, made using flexographic printing, not only marks the success of the “Textbook Flexographic Ink Printing Project” supported with key emphasis by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television of the People’s Republic of China, but also demonstrates that all children’s books and textbooks should be made with non-toxic printing methods in the near future.

Flexographic ink printing is currently one of the most environmentally sustainable methods of printing known today.  Its production process has reduced impact on the environment, does not contain heavy metals or organic volatile substances.

Flexographic ink printing is frequently used in food packaging because of its non-toxic properties, which also make it ideal for use in the printing of textbooks and children's books.  In 2011, at the request of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television of the People’s Republic of China, in collaboration with DuPont China and other enterprises, Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Printing Group began a "Textbook Flexographic Ink Printing" testing project.  The innovative project resulted in significant technological breakthroughs in the printing of children’s books with flexographic processes and water based ink technology.

The "Textbook Flexographic Ink Printing" project today has enabled more sustainable textbook printing with conventional raw and auxiliary materials, and an exceptional level of quality printing using more than 150 lines of dots. The project exclusively uses DuPont™ Cyrel® thermal flexographic printing systems and plates.  The whole plate-making process is free from chemical solvents.

Moreover, through strategic cooperation with DuPont China, Xinhua Company has also set up a "DuPont-Xinhua Laboratory", that provides more environmentally sustainable technology in flexographic printing and plate-making as well as the development of new flexographic printing techniques for books and periodicals made without toxic substances.  The print quality is comparable to offset printing, and provides primary and middle school students and children of Shanghai with safer flexographic ink printed text books and reading materials.

At present, Shanghai Xinhua Printing Company has printed 61 titles, totaling 4.3 million textbooks, using new flexographic ink printing technology.

The collaboration between Shanghai Xinhua Printing Company and DuPont was accompanied by the donation of 2000 sets of the book, “Kaixin Baobao Zhi Ting Baba Jiang Gushi” (Happy Baby Series - Listening to Papa Telling a Story)” to students of Xingfu Elementary School, Zhabei Dsitrict, Shanghai.

Li Xinli, President of Shanghai Printing Trade Association, Zhou Jianping, Chief of the Section for Printing Management of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication, Zhang Shuangru, Standing Vice-President of Printing Technology Association of China, Zhou Jianbao, Vice-President of Flexographic Printing of the Printing Technology Association of China and Assistant to the President of the Century Publishing Group, and Xie Xiaofan, Greater China Regional Manager of DuPont Packaging Graphics and others attended the ceremony.

To enable the printing industry and the public to better understand the development of more environmentally sustainable flexographic printing technology, the company also exhibited "Flexographic Printing – Making Life More Healthy" during the Shanghai International Week of Printing. During this forum, the company invited printing, publishing, and pre-press technology experts to connect and exchange their views concerning the future development of flexographic printing technology for the printing of books and periodicals, to further benefit society.

Shanghai Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Printing (Group) Co., Ltd., is a professional book and periodical company, whose main business includes plate making, typesetting, printing, and binding of books and periodicals, packages, parts, etc., undertaking textbook printing for primary and secondary schools of Shanghai. Shanghai Printing (Group) Co., Ltd is a group which owns three brands: Zhonghua, Commerce and Xinhua; and nine production-oriented enterprises. It is one of the printing enterprises which has the most complete printing platform in China and also one of the largest production and service oriented printing enterprises in East China. The company focuses on book and periodical printing, magazine printing, commercial printing, smart card making and printing, bill printing, digital printing, print on demand, flexo printing, package printing, artwork high simulation production and security printing, etc. Green printing also has become one of the key development industries of Shanghai Printing Group in recent years.

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