Rising Excellence in Label Flexo Printing in a Strong Emerging Market

DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST 1000 TD - thermal plate-making process without solvents

Thanks to a yearly growth rate of 10% - 12% (4 times the rate in Western Europe), and to a large number of modern plants equipped with state-of-the-art systems, Turkey is certainly one of the most emerging market in packaging printing. As well as in the rest of the world, even in Turkey, over the past years, the label market has grown faster than any other packaging segment.

However, even with this good prospective, Turkish label manufacturers are facing two major challenges. Firstly, the internal demand is generally low (that is why foreign manufacturers are not attracted to enter the local market). Secondly, Turkish label producers suffer from their country being outside the European Union and consequently they cannot easily benefit from globalization.

In Turkey the awareness to environment and to human health has reached a high level. SPS Etiket's move towards sustainability was made on the choice of the plate making technology about a year ago. When they decided to be independent on this process of the production chain, they looked for a solution that could establish an efficient and sustainable workflow, with the highest quality level of the printed product and, last but not least, with a very low impact on the environment.

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