Polymers For Appliances

Designing Metal Out With Durable Polymers For Appliances

DuPont polymers can replace metal parts in home appliances, providing heat resistance, strength and color stability, combined with design flexibility.

From oven door handles to steam iron housings, DuPont polymers for appliances combine design flexibility, efficient manufacturing and high performance.

Design Flexibility

DuPont application development resources have the experience, knowledge and testing ability work with appliance manufacturers to help support both innovative new designs and more efficient ways of producing existing products.

In some cases, one piece-molded Rynite® parts can be used to replace multiple-part assemblies, resulting in smoother designs, improved durability and manufacturing savings. For example, a control panel for a consumer gas or electric range can be made with only three parts, versus as many as 24. With these one-piece molded Rynite® parts there are fewer parts to assemble and fewer joints to collect dirt and grease.

Efficient Manufacturing

In addition to allowing for consolidation of parts, DuPont polymers are  also compatible with advanced manufacturing processes. For example, gas-assist technology enables manufacturers to make oven handles hollow to conserve material with DuPont™ Rynite® PET, while also avoiding warp and surface problems that can be encountered in molding solid thick-wall parts.

Reducing Weight, Maintaining Quality

DuPont polymers for appliances also offer weight reduction compared to metal, which can generate cost savings in manufacturing and distribution.

For example, Zytel® HTN provides heat resistance, strength and toughness, and dimensional stability. Appliance parts made with Zytel® HTN can maintain shape, appearance and function over long-term exposure to heat, cleaning fluid and everyday use. Individual grades are also tested by UL for a range of specific appliance applications.

For icemaker components, such as augers, chutes, scraping blades, gears and other mechanical parts, the toughness and durability of DuPont™ Delrin® acetal resin can reduce production costs and  maintenance needs. In customer tests, Delrin® outperforms its competitors in low-temperature environments. Many grades of Delrin® meet regulatory requirements for food contact compliance.

Finding the Right Recipe

DuPont offers a unique range of products and a depth of application development knowledge to appliance makers.  We have more ways to help customers find the right solution for their applications.

For a steam-iron maker, the color stability of Rynite® simplified manufacturing by eliminating the need to paint the iron’s bottom skirt. At the same time, durability was improved when they specified DuPontTM Zytel® for the iron’s vapor dispenser, providing better hydrolysis resistance versus the previously used polymer.