Sorona® Used for Automotive Interiors

Sorona® Used for Automotive Interiors

DuPont™ Sorona® fibers and Sorona® EP polymers bring together sustainability, durability and aesthetic appeal for automotive interiors.

Sorona® fiber and Sorona® EP polymers provide high-quality, renewably sourced materials for automotive interiors. The Sorona® product line helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the dependence on petroleum without compromising performance. Sorona® contains up to 37 percent (by weight) renewably sourced materials derived from plant sugar.

DuPont™ Sorona® EP thermoplastic polymer

Sorona® EP thermoplastic polymer has the strength and stiffness for injection molding applications.

Air Ventilation Louvers

Sorona® EP offers the heat resistance and durability required to control the intensity and direction of air blowing out of a vent. The strength and stiffness of Sorona® allows for thin vent louvers, and its high-quality finish eliminates the need for paint.

Electronic Components

The low shrinkage and warpage of Sorona® EP provide the precise dimensional tolerance requirements for electronic housings, connectors and other electronic parts.


Headlight bezels and seat trim are among the many automotive trim components that benefit from the excellent surface and the chemical and scratch resistance of Sorona® EP.

By eliminating the need for paint, costs can be lowered and volatile organic compound emissions can be eliminated.