Zytel® RS renewably sourced nylon resin

Renewably Sourced Meets Performance in Zytel® RS

Zytel® RS helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels without sacrificing performance.

Zytel® RS renewably sourced nylon resins are based on the Zytel® PA1010 and PA610 grades, which are designed for high strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and overall durability. 

Replacing Hydrocarbons With Castor Oil

The renewable biopolymer content in Zytel® RS grades comes from sebacic acid that has been extracted from castor oil, a non-food, plant based source. There is a broad range of grades available, with renewable content ranging from 20% to 100%.

Matching Grades with Applications

Part of making renewably sourced biopolymers a realistic option is offering a wide range of grades for customers to choose from for different applications. Here are the Zytel® grades available now:

Zytel RS LC Family

Zytel® RS Long Chain nylons extend the range of stiffness and toughness, while also providing superior chemical and hydrolysis resistance.  Consider for extrusion applications typically used in automotive, oil and gas and other industrial applications

Zytel® RS LC1000:

• Flexible, Unreinforced Polyamide 1010

• Minimum 90% Renewably Sourced

Zytel® RS LC1200:

• Flexible, Toughened Polyamide 1010

• Minimum 70% Renewably Sourced

Zytel® RS LC1600:

• Flexible, Toughened, Plasticized Polyamide 1010

• Minimum 60% Renewably Sourced

Zytel® RS LC1610:

• Flexible, Toughened, Polyamide 1010 Resin

• Minimum 75% Renewably Sourced

Zytel® RS LC3030:

• Low-Viscosity Polyamide 610

• Minimum 60% Renewably Sourced

Zytel® RS LC3060:

• Medium viscosity polyamide 610

• Minimum 60% Renewably Sourced

Zytel® RS LC3090:

• HighViscosity Polyamide 610

• Minimum 60% Renewably Sourced

Zytel® RS Glass-Reinforced Family

Glass-reinforced Zytel® nylon resins, often termed GRZ, extend the usefulness of nylon to applications requiring an elastic modulus of up to 11,000 MPa (1,600,000 psi), and a tensile strength of up to 207 MPa (30,000 psi).

Zytel® RS 30G30HSL:

• 30% glass fiber-reinforced black polyamide 610 resin

•  Minimum 40% renewably sourced

Zytel® RS 30G30L:

• 30% glass fiber-reinforced polyamide 610 resin

• Minimum 40% renewably sourced

Zytel® RS HTN

Zytel® RS HTN properties include impact resistance, stiffness and low warpage.  Consider Zytel® RS HTN for electronic applications requiring radio wave transparency, such as hand-held devices, mobile phones, GPS, digital assistants, radios, and cameras. 

Note: Minimum renewably sourced percentages refer to the renewable ingredient by weight, as measured by ASTM6866.