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Wear and Friction in Aircraft COE


The single largest cost of operating an airline is fuel, representing as much as 30% of the airline’s total cost.

Designing for Aircraft Fuel Efficiency

Wear Testing Rig

This test rig measures friction and wear in simulated applications for a more economical result than full scale testing.

Aircraft fuel efficiency can be improved by replacing metal with lighter weight polymers and by reducing friction through the use of self-lubricating wear-resistant polymers.

By partnering with manufacturers and engineers, DuPont applies science-powered innovation to aerospace’s toughest challenges which enables the design of lighter and more fuel efficient aircrafts.

Consistent with reducing our dependency on fuel, the mission of the Kalrez® and Vespel® aerospace team is to improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of aircraft, aircraft engines and aerospace subsystems through longer component life. Our goal is to be our customer’s best long-term partner of choice, through our collaborative approach and on-time delivery of the most innovative products of exceptional quality.

Our Wear & Friction in Aircraft Center of Excellence (COE) is a network of capabilities and resources dedicated for customer collaboration in order to achieve the mission of improving aircraft fuel efficiency.