Wear and Friction in Transportation COE


Wear and friction challenges relate to energy by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and using our existing resources more efficiently. 

Vespel® parts can be used even in high load and heavy duty applications.
A combined Seal Ring / Thrust Washer Friction tester is used to measure lubricated wear and friction performance.
Example of coefficient of friction benchmark data comparison measured under lubricated conditions. Up to 40% reduction of coefficient of friction measured for Vespel® SP.

We can make vehicles lighter and more efficient, by partnering with manufacturers and engineers, to apply science-powered innovation to our customer’s toughest challenges.

Our Lubricated Wear and Friction COE is a logical next step in our journey - designed to be a global resource for our customer-facing teams and provide ‘world class’:

  • Testing capability (including competitive benchmarks)
  • Data driven evaluation of new materials, designs and ideas
  • Development of external messaging to build awareness & preference
    All connected to our DuPont science heritage.