Vespel® S Family

Vespel® S Polyimide Family

Vespel® S polyimide family of parts and shapes with differing sets of attributes

The Vespel® S Family of products are highly durable polyimides and are used in demanding applications where exceptional thermal resistance, low wear and/or low friction, strength and impact resistance are desired.


Unfilled. Superior wear and insulation properties with operating temperatures from cryogenic to 300°C. Low electrical conductivity. Highest elongation and purity of SP family. Available as custom parts or stock shapes.


Graphite-enhanced with low-friction properties for use with or without lubrication in various applications.  Available as custom parts or stock shapes.


Conductive parts (<10E2 ohm) to help the elimination of static charge.  Excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability at high temperatures and good machinability. Available as stock shapes.


Lower coefficient of friction than SP-21 without lubrication in various applications. Available as custom parts or stock shapes.


Minimal thermal expansion and dimensional stability for design flexibility.  Available as custom parts or stock shapes.


For highly specialized applications—against soft metals in “non-lube”  conditions. Available as custom parts.                                                                                     


Low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent wear properties and a low coefficient of friction for dimensional control.  Available as custom parts.


Used in vacuum and dry environments with low outgassing.   Available as stock shapes.                                                  


Graphite-enhanced for low friction. High modulus, low elongation, high compressive strength and low creep with less deflection under load.  Available as custom parts.


Similar to SP-21 with improved toughness, higher elongation and better thermal oxidative stability. Better resistance to solvents, acids and bases.  Available as custom parts.


Similar to SP-22. Found in applications in which low thermal expansion is more important than strength (which is slightly reduced). Applications may include bearings, bushings and washers. Available as custom parts.


Unfilled SCP-5000 has better plasma resistance, dimensional stability and chemical resistance than unfilled SP-1. Like SP-1, SCP-5000 has good insulation.  It has the highest elongation and purity of the SCP grades.  Available as stock shapes.

SCP-5050, SCP-5009 & SCP-50094                                                                              

Higher thermal oxidative resistance than SP polyimides with superior chemical resistance. SCP-5050 matches the CTE of steel. SCP-5009 and SCP-50094 approximates the CTE of aluminum.  Available as custom parts or stock shapes.


High modulus and low elongation provide dimensional stability at high temperatures and loads.  Available as custom parts.

SF-0920, SF-0930, SF-0940

Superior thermal and electrical insulating properties. Unique polyimide foam has higher durability compared to low density polyimide foams.  Available as custom parts.