Vespel® CP Product Family

Vespel® CP Product Family

DuPont™ Vespel® CP parts offer an array of fiber or fabric reinforced composites for a range of unique design needs when wear and strength are key.

Composite parts can be found as replacements for  aluminum or titanium in tube clamps. Wear strips are “self-lubricating”.  Typically CP parts are used in aircraft bushings, wear pads, washers, bumpers and seals.


Sheet-molded and reinforced polyimide resin is lightweight yet tough.  CP-0301 is used instead of aluminum or titanium in parts to save weight, reduce wear and friction, or reduce fatigue or vibration. CP-0301 tube clamps are more fatigue-resistant than those using die-cast aluminum.                                                                    

CP-0644, CP-0648 & CP-0650                                                                              

Fabric-reinforced composites can be  stronger than powder-filled compositions.  Lighter-weight than aluminum. Used in bushings and washers for high-temperature, highly oxidative environments and self-lubricating low-friction and wear.


Low-friction, low-wear fabric-reinforced composites that are “self-lubricating” under high loads.

CP-8000, CP-8001 & CP-8002                                                                              

Much like CP-0648, CP-0648 and CP-0650 but based upon fibers wound into a braided tube instead of a fabric.  Fibers align circumferentially with the bushing’s diameter to help better match CTE of the mating components.                                                                

Vespel® CP-9833 & CP-9836             

Fabric-reinforced composites that are lighter weight and dampen- vibration resistant more than traditional ceramic and aluminum for robotic end effector applications.