Automotive Connectors

Automotive Connectors For Hotter, Harsher Applications

As emission regulations become more demanding, Vamac® and Viton® are helping automakers hit the mark.

Vamac® Performance

DuPontTM Vamac® and Viton® have been used in automotive hoses and connectors for over 25 years. Today, we are providing higher performance for a new generation of engines and drivetrains that run hotter and use harsher fuels and lubricants.

Cost-Effective, Application-Specific

Chosen for heat and oil resistance, several grades of DuPontVamac® ethylene acrylic elastomers are available for specific applications that provide either low oil swell, high viscosity, high or low temperature, and no post-cure or for extrusion.

For emission control components and other underhood applications, Vamac® is used for heat and oil resistance in parts ranging from hoses, dampers and boots to seals and gaskets.

Extreme Heat and Chemical Resistance

Viton® has been the fluoroelastomer of choice for over 50 years.  With temperature resistance up to 250°C and resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, Viton® has been used in automotive fuel system components, as well as high-performance parts in the engine and powertrain, for years.

Cost is optimized with high-performance emission hose and connectors when a Viton® veneer is used inside the component made of Vamac®, instead of using Viton® for the entire structure.

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