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DuPont Protective Apparel for Pharmaceutical Industry
DuPont Protective Apparel for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Courtyard Marriott Hotel, North Ryde, NSW, on Tuesday 4th April, 2017
  • Rydges on Swanston,701 Swanston Street, Carlton, 3053, Melbourne, on Thursday 6th April, 2017

2017 CLEAN ROOM APPAREL TRENDS SEMINAR will focus on the International trends in clean room apparel and the Global FDA and GMP challenges, we will share solutions to overcome the challenges of home and clean room apparel maintenance, as well as to optimize sterile processes. We hope this seminar could serve as platform for valuable information and technologies sharing.  

Spaces are limited and are subject to availability, therefore we encourage you to register by 31st March (Friday). We are looking forward to seeing you!
Please register via email (Mr. Michael Dwyer, michael.dwyer@dupont.com), including your name, company name, department, job title and contact number, by 31st March (Friday).


  • 29 years of Cleanroom companies experience.
  • Former CEO and CCO of Basan & STAXS, European leading cleanroom companies
  • Current Head of cleanroom training program for Belgian Cleanroom workgroup,member of the ICCS

08:30 AM      Reception
08:45 AM      Welcome Speech
09:00 AM      Part 1: Current Trend of Clean Room Apparel and Discussion of Disposable and Reusable Garments
10:00 AM      Tea Break
10:15 AM      Part 2: FDA/ GMP/ TGA Clean Room Apparel Requirements and How to Overcome the Challenges
11:15 AM      Part 3: Features and Benefits of Tyvek® Clean Room Apparel including Protection against Cytotoxic Drugs
12:00 PM    Closing

Note: Agenda is tentative and subjected to further changes as necessary