DVD Packaging Testing

Testing Organizations

Independent tests were conducted by AudioDev AB of Malmö, Sweden, a leading manufacturer of test equipment for optical media including CD and DVD, and STORK Twin City Testing Corporation,™ a provider of engineering and testing services since 1938. This study was the first of its kind ever to measure different packaging substrates either in use or being considered for use with DVDs.


Testing Protocol

Although there are several types of DVDs, the test organizations focused on the most commonly used type—the DVD-9, a single-sided disc with two layers (layer 0 and layer 1).

Six packaging substrates were selected for testing: DVD hard case, lined polypropylene film, polypropylene film, paper, SBS-coated board and Tyvek®. Four different challenges, simulating in-use conditions, were used:

  • Loose load vibration test to simulate transportation
  • Drop test to simulate manual handling
  • Temperature/humidity test that brought the temperature to 50°C/ 60% relative humidity for 96 hours
  • Insertion test to simulate DVDs being inserted repetitively into sleeves and a hard case

All of the test DVDs were read initially by AudioDev AB, numbered, inserted into the packaging substrates and then shipped to STORK Twin City Testing Corporation™ where they were subjected to the four challenges. The DVDs with their respective packages were then shipped back to AudioDev AB to be read for a second time. DVD-9 control discs were also initially tested and re-tested for comparison to the challenged test discs. To study the results of each challenge, the testing organizations used five common parameters that DVD manufacturers use to determine problems in disc quality—radial noise, focusing errors, bottom jitter, PI sum 8 and parity outer failure (POF).