ManKocide® DF fungicide

ManKocide® DF fungicide excellent control of Potato blight

The dual action fungicide – protecting your valuable crops

DuPontTM ManKocide® DF fungicide is a convenient broad spectrum fungicide formulated to provide maximum protection against both fungal and bacterial diseases. Protecting a wide range of Vegetable crops, Vines, Passion fruit, Banana, Citrus, Pome and Stone fruit and providing trusted protection against Potato blight.

ManKocide® DF has a unique formulation

  • Handles and pours like a liquid
  • Pours with virtually no dust
  • Mixes readily with water
  • Is highly compatible with most other fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilisers.

Most importantly, combining two active ingredients in one formulation reduces the number of products you need to add to the spray tank, thus reducing the risk of incompatibility and mixing problems. Giving you peace of mind a protection against and range of fungal diseases including Potato blight.

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