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Kocide® Blue Xtra™ Fungicide

Kocide® Blue Xtra™ fungicide; for control of Lettuce diseases

Lower rates of copper and higher level of control – a winning combination

Kocide® Blue Xtra fungicide
Kocide® Blue Xtra fungicide

Developments in technology have dramatically improved DuPont™ Kocide® Blue Xtra™ copper formulations, resulting in higher product effectiveness  with lower metallic copper applied per hectare. DuPont™ Kocide® Blue Xtra™ gives you strong disease control in your crops while applying less copper than some other products.

Kocide® Blue Xtra™ is an easy to use copper fungicide for protection against fungal and bacterial diseases in vegetables, fruit and many other crops. It controls a wide range of vegetables diseases such as Lettuce diseases.

Kocide® Blue Xtra™  – Delivers Value for Money, and also

  • Effective disease control through enhanced copper bioavailability
  • Easy mixing, easy handling
  • Superior compatibility
  • Superior rainfastness
  • Crop safety

Kocide® Blue Xtra™ is used at lower rates than most other coppers. When comparing Kocide® Blue Xtra™ to other brands be sure to calculate the costs at the use rates of both products,  and also consider all the additional benefits of Kocide® Blue Xtra™. Kocide® Blue Xtra™ provides the strength you need on a variety of crops including strong control against fungal diseases including Lettuce diseases.