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Avatar® insecticide

DuPont™ Avatar® insecticide. Leading Cabbage white butterfly control

Avatar® protects Brassicas, Grapes, Leafy vegetables, Pome and Stone fruits against Cabbage white butterfly and other pests

DuPont™ Avatar® insecticide belongs to a family of insecticides which have a unique mode of action to which caterpillars and other chewing pests are particularly sensitive. Cabbage white butterfly and other important pests such as Diamondback moth are effectively controlled by Avatar®

DuPont™ Avatar® controls neonates as they hatch and consume chemical on the egg casing.  Any larvae that emerge are also controlled. Avatar® insecticide causes paralysis in pests by blocking nerve transmission, and they stop feeding 0-4 hours after exposure so good crop protection is rapid.

Death usually occurs within 2–3 days. Depending on crop, particular pest species and prevailing climatic conditions, residual crop protection will be maintained from 7–14 days

DuPont™ Avatar® insecticide is active against pests, but soft on many beneficial insects making it ideal for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.