Vydate® L insecticide controlling Sweet potato pests

Vydate® L insecticide
Vydate® L insecticide

When managing Sweet potato pests, DuPont™ Vydate® L insecticide is a viable option to take care of Root knot nematodes. Vydate® L is formulated to deal with the life stages of feeding, movement, and hatching in minutes leading to mortality of these pests in hours. This will help to eliminate Sweet potato pests and better protect your crops.

Vydate® L is classified as a group 1A insecticide and targets Nematodes and Weevils depending on which crop it is being applied to. When applied to Bananas, Vydate® L will control Weevil borer, Burrowing nematode, and Spiral nematode. When Vydate® L is applied to Capsicums or Tomatoes, it will control Root knot nematode.

Vydate® L is required to be applied to thoroughly moist soil and to the roots for all crops.

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