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DuPont™ Steward® EC controls the key Faba bean pests

Steward® EC insecticide
Steward® EC insecticide

Faba bean pests like Cotton bollworm and Native budworm can reduce your crop yield. Steward® EC helps control these pests and protects your crop

DuPont™ Steward® EC insecticide helps to control Faba bean pests and many other pests on a variety of crops. Steward® EC can be applied to crops by ground or by air so it is convenient and versatile in Faba beans and other crops such as Chickpea, Mung bean and Soybean crops.

Steward® EC has a different mode of action to many other insecticides that are currently used in Faba beans. Its active ingredient  (indoxacarb)  belongs to the oxadiazine group of insecticides.  There are no known cases of resistance to indoxacarb in key Faba bean pests like Cotton bollworm and Native budworm so  Steward® EC is very effective, and can also be used in rotation with other products to reduce the risk of resistance.

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