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Steward® EC Insecticide

Steward® EC your trusted partner for Cotton and Chickpea pest control.

Count on Steward® EC to keep your Cotton and Chickpea fields pest free.

Steward® EC insecticide

DuPont™ Steward® EC insecticide is a highly effective insecticide for Cotton, Azuki bean, Mung bean, Faba bean, Chickpea and Soybean crops. Steward® EC is a key to your Cotton, Bean and Chickpea pest control.

With Steward® EC you can target Heliothis in Chickpeas at early podding to maximize the length of residual protection for flowers and pods. Don’t apply to larvae entrenched in pods. Unless larvae move around to treated areas they will not be controlled. Early control will help ensure a good start and set the stage for good Chickpea management throughout the season.

In Bean crops spray Steward® EC at the early to mid flowering – check the label for exact timing in each crop.

In Cotton crops, apply when Heliothis and/or Mirids reach threshold. Steward® EC can be applied to the crop at all stages but is restricted to the IRM windows for your region. Steward® EC can be used to control Green mirids and Heliothis in both conventional and Bt Cotton.

For Chickpeas and Beans do not exceed one spray per season. With Cotton a maximum of three applications per crop per season, and no more than two consecutive sprays.

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