Talendo® Fungicide

Talendo® Fungicide Protects Against Powdery Mildew on Grapes, Cucurbits and Fruiting Vegetables

Plan a flexible protection program against powdery mildew in grapes with DuPont™ Talendo® fungicide.

Talendo® fungicide

DuPont™ Talendo® fungicide provides flexible protection from powdery mildew in grapes, cucurbits and fruiting vegetables.  Use a two spray strategy early in the season for effective disease prevention control, and the short withholding periods in each crop make Talendo® a great option for a third spray later in the crop. Withholding periods for Talendo® are 0 (nil) days in fruiting vegetables, 1 day in cucurbits and 28 days in grapes.

Talendo® provides robust protection because translaminar movement of the chemical, plus vapour and local systemic activity protects the fruit and leaves, and inhibits spore germination and viability.

Talendo® is also a useful resistance management tool because it controls powdery mildew strains resistant to other common powdery mildew fungicides such as triazoles (DMI’s) and strobilurins.

Talendo® is rainfast in two hours and flexible to use in a range of weather conditions.



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