Talendo® for Powdery mildew control on Grapes

Talendo® fungicide
Talendo® fungicide

Excellent protection against Powdery mildew on Grapes with DuPont™ Talendo® fungicide

DuPont™ Talendo® fungicide provides robust control against Powdery mildew on Grapes

Apply Talendo® at flowering, and also closer to harvest if necessary.

Talendo® has robust activity that helps protect against recurrent infections of Powdery mildew on Grapes. Talendo® has excellent product coverage as well as strong redistribution qualities that aid in coverage of existing and new growth and ensure continued protection from diseases such as Powdery mildew on Grapes.

Talendo® is rainfast in 2 hours and can be used with many other fungicides and insecticides making it flexible and easy to put in a spray program.

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