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DuPont™ Fontelis® fungicide protects against Apple diseases

Fontelis® fungicide

DuPont™ Fontelis® fungicide helps to provide very good control of Apple diseases like Apple black spot and Powdery mildew. Robert Chaplin, Chaplin orchards, used Fontelis® for the control of Apple black spot and Powdery mildew and said that they had no incidence of Black spot at all through the orchard or packing sheds. Mr. Chaplin also stated, “… I haven’t seen one in a pack out yet, and that’s the way we like to have it.”

Controlling Apple diseases is just one part of a successful operation. Mr. Chaplin also talks about how DuPont™ Fontelis® is good for IPM management. “Fontelis® also looked like a good option to protect beneficial insects in the orchard, which was a focus of the business.” Having a successful IPM management system can help to improve quality of crops and also help to increase yield.”

In addition, Fontelis® mixes well with other chemicals. Mr. Chaplin said, “Fontelis® mixed well in the tank with a range of other products, which is important as it helps avoid the need to put multiple sprays through the orchard.” This will save you time and allow you to allocate your resources where they are really needed to control other Apple diseases. 

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