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Exirel® Insecticide

Exirel® for Citrus and Cotton Crop Protection

Exirel® Provides Outstanding and Extended Crop Protection in Citrus and Cotton crops

Exirel AU 690x345
Exirel ® insecticide

When applied early in pest infestation cycle, DuPont™ Exirel® insecticide helps to keep pest populations below damaging levels.

Exirel® features a unique combination of product benefits

  • Cross spectrum activity for control of mixed pest populations
  • Selectivity for key beneficial insects
  • Rapid stop feeding giving almost immediate protection from feeding damage
  • Translaminar activity & local translocation for rainfastness and improved availability of Exirel® to targeted pests
  • New MOA for pests in Citrus and is effective against pests resistant to other insecticides
  • Low mammalian toxicity & short re-entry interval makes for convenience & minimal disruption to field operations
  • A new tool for helping manage Fuller’s rose weevil incursions in Citrus destined for the Korea China Thailand export market

Exirel® Contains Cyantraniliprole (Branded as Cyazypyr®)

Cyantraniliprole is the second active ingredient in the anthranilic diamide class (Group 28) and the first to control a cross-spectrum of chewing, rasping and sucking pests. This provides protection from many significant pests including Kelly’s citrus thrips, Light brown apple moth and Fuller’s rose weevil in Citrus crops, and Silverleaf whitefly and heliothis in Cotton crops.

Citrus Crops

Chewing pests controlled:
Light brown apple moth (Epiphyas postvittana)
Fuller’s rose weevil (Asynonychus cervinus) – suppression

Rasping pests controlled:
Kelly’s citrus thrips (Pezothrips kellyanus)

Cotton Crops

Chewing pests controlled:
Cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera)
Native budworm (Helicoverpa punctigera)

Sucking pests controlled:
Silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci B biotype)
Cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii) - suppression 

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