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Exirel® insecticide controls Silverleaf whitefly in Cotton

Exirel® insecticide
Exirel® insecticide

DuPont™ Exirel® insecticide is an effective tool when treating for pests such as Silverleaf whitefly in Cotton. Exirel® is a group 28 insecticide which helps to control a cross-spectrum of chewing and sucking pests. Besides Silverleaf whitefly in Cotton, Exirel® also helps to control Cotton bollworm, Cotton aphid, and Native budworm in Cotton.

When controlling pests, Exirel® stops pests feeding very quickly which provides almost immediate crop protection. This can be a key factor in controlling pests and protecting yield in your crops. Also Exirel® is a good fit for an IPM programme which gives your crops the greatest chance of being successful and growing.

Exirel® has good rainfastness, low mammalian toxicity, and minimally disrupts the fields.

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