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DuPont™ Altacor® for effective control of Cotton pests  

Altacor® insecticide - Cotton
Altacor® insecticide - Cotton

DuPont™ Altacor® insecticide helps to control a range of Cotton pests, but is very targeted and soft on many beneficial insects and has a good fit in IPM programs.

Altacor® is a top tier insecticide that will help you to control Cotton pests. Altacor® insecticide is fast acting and stops pests from feeding rapidly. Matt Holding, Darling Downs Cotton consultant, said, “the grubs stopped feeding immediately [when] the Altacor® was applied and there was no subsequent damage to the crops”. The rapid onset of the effects of Altacor® insecticide helps to protect your crops and maintain quality for the market.

Not only does Altacor® work fast but it works well in rotations with other key insecticides. DuPont™ Steward® EC insecticide can be used in tandem with Altacor®. Mr. Holdings did this and stated that, “Steward® has been a key insecticide on cotton over many years and will work well in rotation with Altacor®”.  Having the ability to work with a rotation of great products ensures that all Cotton pests will be controlled and helps your crops to reach their high quality potential.


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