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Panel: Unlocking Value by Doing More with Less

Unlocking Value by Doing More with Less Video | DuPont Safety and Sustainability Forum 2013

Moderator: Simon Herriott, Managing Director, Global Consulting Solutions, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Across many industries, companies are faced with managing complex opportunities and the increased risks associated with operating on the global stage. Today’s operating conditions are increasingly challenging – harsh environments and extreme geographies, unpredictable labor conditions, shifting regulatory requirements, and increased public pressures to be profitable, responsible, and green. As companies operate under these potentially more profitable, but also less familiar conditions, they’re striving to continuously improve their capabilities to gain competitive advantage.

Panelists discuss how they are doing more to unlock value and meet financial performance commitments while taking on more responsibility in the areas of people management and development, environmental footprint reduction, profitable and sustainable deployment of capital, and maximized utilization of existing operations.

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