Learning & Development Methodology

Our Employee Learning & Development Methodology

DuPont experts can work closely with your organization to help achieve your employee development goals. We blend award-winning learning technologies and compelling content, tailoring a comprehensive curriculum to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences.

Award-winning DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) employee development experts create blended learning solutions that make an emotional impact — helping protect lives, develop competencies, and empower employees. Whether you need engaging content for a classroom training session, or you plan to deploy a self-paced learning solution for 10,000 employees worldwide in their local language, DuPont Sustainable Solutions can help you build a customized solution. We can help your organization establish a safer, more productive workforce and work culture, transforming worker performance and sustaining business intelligence. To date, more than 190,000 corporate training professionals in 129 countries have relied on Learning & Development solutions from DuPont Sustainable Solutions to deliver these results.

Our experienced training professionals can work closely with you to customize a blended learning program just for your business. Our extensive catalog of over 2000 products offers in-depth programs in safety and environmental training, ethics and compliance, and industrial skills, as well as specialized healthcare, government, and schools safety, and compliance topics. At every step of the way, as you move closer to your employee development training goals, we can help you assess, build, deliver, and extend your programs, and give you the tools to gauge their effectiveness.

Customized Professional Services
DSS Learning & Development programs are built upon the decades of trusted, real-life workforce training experience we’ve accumulated worldwide. As we tailor our technologies and content to achieve your specific employee development training goals, you can count on our flexible, professional support. We offer original content creation and language conversion services, as well as internal marketing support to ensure full enrollment and participation. As a Fortune 100 company, we offer unsurpassed stability, resources, and innovation, creating sustainable training solutions that build value over the long term.

Versatile Learning Technologies
The award-winning DuPont™ eLearning Suite of online courseware simplifies employee development training, reduces training costs, and expands productivity. Available in more than 20 languages, our courses are designed to facilitate learning and improve performance through interactive, rich-media delivery and user-enabled customization. Our on-demand platform incorporates advanced training technologies that make it simple to manage your users, curriculum, and training components from start to finish, with our:

  • Learning management system, to deliver and manage training, tracking and evaluating results
  • Interactive courseware, to engage employees with compelling content
  • Authoring tool, to create your own custom online courses

DuPont training and technology experts help you make deployment a success, with professional trainer training, implementation support, and technical assistance tailored to the unique needs of your organization, including integration with internal and third-party systems. We offer support on site, via phone, or online — whichever environment best suits your needs.

Engaging Training Content
DuPont courses, DVDs and print materials are designed to offer compelling content that drives home the importance of each training topic. Our courseware and materials incorporate sound instructional design to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, and our content is reviewed by subject matter experts to help ensure compliance with health, safety, environmental, ethical, and operational standards.

DSS Learning & Development has offered an extensive library of effective, consistent and affordable off-the-shelf employee development training content throughout our more than 30 years of training innovation. Our library features hundreds of high-quality DVDs, handbooks, posters, manuals and books, each designed to achieve two goals: to train your employees effectively and to avoid the financial consequences of noncompliance. Our comprehensive offerings have helped organizations of every size and need fulfill their specific requirements.

Our learning experts can assess your learning program and help you design a curriculum that supports your strategic business goals. We can also help you create original video and print content, customized to your unique needs, or we can tailor interactive seminars and workshops to occur at your site. We design our popular DuPont™ STOP™ (Safety Training Observation Program) and Operations Manager Training workshops to be highly engaging and memorable. Our expert instructors draw on their own experience in safety, management and operations. Real-life examples and constant interaction between instructors and employees help ensure that information is assimilated, improving retention.

Learning Solutions for Employee Development

Explore our award-winning employee training and development solutions in workplace safety, ethics and compliance, industrial skills, and other topics.