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Learning & Development Solutions

Blended Corporate Learning Solutions

Our award-winning learning technologies and engaging training content can be customized to help your organization transfer knowledge and transform performance.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) award-winning learning and development professionals can help your organization to protect lives, develop crucial competencies, and empower employees throughout your company, making your business more competitive.

Blended Learning: We offer a full range of integrated learning technologies and engaging content to help your workforce develop critical skills. From classroom training tools to e-learning solutions to tailored, on-site seminars, our blended learning solutions help you bring your organization closer to its employee-development goals. Our experts help you assess, build, implement and extend your corporate training programs, as well as evaluate their effectiveness.

Training Topics: With a library of over 2000 programs, we can provide in-depth safety, human resources, and maintenance and reliability training to help employees work safer, smarter and more competitively. These programs draw on decades of real-world experience. Since 1984, our over 190,000 corporate training professionals have implemented our innovative programs in 129 countries to help boost productivity, improve profitability, and save lives.


Sam Ponzo, Training Solutions

As Practice Leader, Learning & Development Solutions, Sam Ponzo helps his clients achieve sustained improvements in operational, safety and learning & development performance.