DuPont Cooper River site

Our capital project management experts apply time-tested methodologies, developed in DuPont facilities, to help complete projects on time and on budget.

Capital expansion projects present unique challenges for the businesses undertaking them, and a failure to properly manage their complexity can result in significant wastes of time, money and resources. DuPont has developed a gated, integrated capital project management system to not only proactively plan for the potential risks such projects face, but to effectively mitigate their impact on project timelines and budgets. The capital project management team at DuPont’s Cooper River site near Charleston, SC applied these methodologies throughout the expansion of its DuPont™ Kevlar® production facility, leading to ahead of schedule and under budget project completion despite facing site-specific and extenuating economic challenges. The Cooper River expansion project is a model of DuPont’s best-practices in sustainability, as the project management team exemplified a shared commitment to protecting and supporting the site’s community and environmental assets.

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