DSS Collaborates with Suncor For Change Management in Environment and Safety

Learn how DuPont Sustainable Solutions collaborated with Suncor Energy to improve its environmental impact and worker and process safety management systems in the Oil Sands region of Canada.

Oil sands is a mixture of bitumen, water and sand. This mixture is processed, using high temperatures, high pressures and flammable hydrocarbons, to make crude oil.

In this high hazard industry, change management requires the development of long term goals in order to get the organization to focus and make improvements in areas like safety and the environment.

Whether its safety or the environment, getting people to be receptive to change is a process in which you have to engage with leadership, leadership has to be committed to change management, and it has to come from the top of the organization down.

Suncor chose to work with DuPont as a result of its world-class safety performance, owner operator experience and global reach. This collaboration resulted in improved worker safety and improved environmental performance for Suncor.