Process Safety Management Learning and Development

Learning and Development for Process Safety Management

The demographic changes that organizations are facing in their workforce can pose a challenge to business continuity.

Attrition, aging workforces, a lack of skilled workers and an increasing reliance on contractors are all factors that contribute to a potential loss of in-house knowledge related to Process Safety Management.  If the ability to recognize hazards and associated risks is compromised due to these demographic changes, the level of operational risk and the potential for a catastrophic incident can increase. 

While most companies understand the need for a robust learning and development program to build competency related to PSM, and thereby mitigate operational risk, many lack a well-defined methodology for transferring knowledge and developing the required skills. 

DuPont Sustainable Solutions has developed a systematic learning approach that, when combined with strong managing systems and operational discipline, help companies protect value and prevent potential major process related incidents. Our experts can assess the specific learning and development needs of your organization, design a tailored curriculum using blended learning tools, develop a pool of talent for process safety management, and identify metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning program.

Our consultants help companies move beyond simple training, creating a learning experience that maximizes knowledge acquisition and retention.