Process Safety Data Management Solution

Process Safety Data Management Solution

To maintain a sustainable Process Safety Management (PSM) system, measurement and continuous performance monitoring are of paramount importance. Indeed, the ability to process relevant, precise process safety data and convert it to actionable information is crucial.

Despite this, many companies struggle, not only with software, but also with how the data should be collected, analyzed, reviewed and leveraged to trigger appropriate actions.  As such, the customization of the software, based on both the company’s operational systems and industry best practices, is a key success factor.  Developed properly, the customized software can be an effective means of improving PSM performance. 

To help with this, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, in partnership with expert software providers, now offers a flexible workflow management system – the Data Management Solution – that is fully customized to client needs.  The system streamlines data collection and workflow management, allowing analysis and troubleshooting of undesirable trends to become more efficient.  Our expert PSM consultants help configure the system according to best practices – including those from DuPont, a globally recognized leader in PSM – as well as the client’s process safety standards and needs.