United States and Canada Market Survey Findings: Delivering Stakeholder Value

DuPont Sustainable Solutions interviewed business leaders across a host of industries in North America to better understand the key opportunities and issues facing organizations today and to learn about the steps that each is taking to address them.

A summary of the findings is categorized based upon how the challenges and solutions either add to or detract from the value that an organization delivers to its stakeholders:  

  • Value Protection refers to protecting the organization’s reputation and ‘right to operate.’ This is done by identifying and mitigating operational risks faced by organizations through workplace safety and process safety management.
  • Value Extraction aims for maximizing value from existing assets through operational efficiency and asset productivity initiatives, thus leading to quantifiable savings and, in many cases, added revenue from capacity release.
  • Value Creation focuses at aligning societal and other stakeholder needs into the business strategy as a means to create shared value and achieve competitive advantage. It involves sustainability around environmental management, and capital project management.

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