Switch On to Process Safety Excellence 

It is clear that world-class process safety performance is mandatory to avoid catastrophic events that can result in multiple fatalities, environmental damage and ensuing litigation. But more than this, process safety excellence can be a competitive differentiator, driving improved bottom line performance through productivity, organisational focus, workforce engagement and the granting by regulators and communities of a company's 'right to operate'.

Achieving a competitive edge also requires a system that drives continuous improvement and protects a company's employees, its surrounding community, the environment and its profits. We believe that achieving Process Safety Excellence requires a robust PSM system driven by operational discipline, in addition to occupational and behavioural safety management systems.

How can DuPont help?

We take a collaborative approach to helping you manage risk within your organisation. We work closely with you – from risk assessment to program implementation – to help prevent incidents, reduce operational risk and maximise results.

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