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Randy Peterson

Process Technology Manager, DuPont Clean Technologies

Randy Peterson is responsible for managing innovation, process engineering and technical service work for STRATCO®. He has worked for STRATCO® for 24 years and worked in the refining business for over 26 years.

Recent Engagements

Randy developed and commercialized the reduced-inventory Acid Settler design with the successful startup of seven grassroots alkylation units since 2009.

Areas of Specialization

  • Design of grassroots alkylation units and revamps of existing units
  • Operator training
  • Unit startups
  • Unit audits (TEAM Studies)
  • Test runs and troubleshooting

Selected Accomplishments

  • Developed the first successful design of the patented Tube Insert technology currently used in at least 90 STRATCO® Contactor reactor tube bundles around the world
  • Co-developed the coalescing technology currently used in all of STRATCO®’s new treating vessels
  • Co-inventor of the patented ALKYSAFE™ HF to H2SO4 low cost conversion/expansion process for STRATCO®

Professional Experience

Prior to DuPont, Randy was a member of Conoco’s Process Engineering Department where he worked on an HF Alkylation Revamp, a Reformer and 2 FCC Revamp projects.


  • Master’s degree in Business Administration, Rockhurst College, USA
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, USA