Promoting Safety in Production Processes

No job is more important than the commitment to maintain a life. This is how companies such as DuPont understand it, focusing on operational risks, and demonstrating that the proactive management of these risks is an investment rather than a cost.

The management of process safety and operational risk represents a great opportunity for companies to predict and control the risks in their operations and production processes. Many CEO's have said that what keeps them awake at night is the possibility of a "serious incident" that could generate casualties, bring negative attention from the media, and could even bring down a company.

DuPont, with its 212 years of history, has had safety as a key core value, which has allowed the company to position itself as a world leader in safety. This approach has contributed to significant gains in productivity and efficiency. DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) is the business within DuPont that is involved in transferring knowledge and skills to clients in various industries, including mining.

Srinivasan Ramabhadran, Global Leader of Process Safety Management and Operational Risks at DuPont Sustainable Solutions, speaks to Vias Expeciales about this. Click here to download the full article.

(As translated from Portuguese to English)